Maximizing potential since 2002


  1. Executive Coaching
    Our dynamic, multi-level coaching system allows individuals to inspect what they expect both personally and professionally to ensure measurable results. This system also provides practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, creating an opportunity for you to begin defining if what you say is really what you want, and how to effectively achieve this goal.
  2. Board Retreats
    Board Retreats provide an opportunity for organizations to connect while defining their roles, developing strategic plans, assessing new opportunities, and more. Our service will guide board members through workshops in those areas and will help board members better understand themselves and their teams.
  3. Keynotes
    We take pride in constructing and delivering keynotes that are tailored specifically to you and your organization. Partner with us to inspire your organization and set the tone for success. Tell us exactly what you need for a keynote to meet your specific needs.
  4. Assessments and Evaluations
    Our three-tiered model will assist organizations in determining their current best practices. In addition, our goal is to create innovative strategies that will assist in the areas of leadership development, teamwork, critical thinking, change/time management, and best practices to transition to optimal success.
  5. Workshops
    Workshops with DBC will give your group the skills necessary to move your organization to the next level. They provide interactive learning and discussion to teach new skills. The workshops are customized to fit the needs of your organization.
  6. Training and Development
    DBC's training and development programs are customized to fit the needs of each organization. They will equip individuals with the skills necessary to succeed in their current positions and will help to bolster their careers and futures.
  7. Educational Push-Ins and Pull-Outs
    DBC has a proven track record that has continually provided school districts, colleges (2 and 4 year), and universities with the tools and research-based strategies to enhance professional development, teacher effectiveness, academic performance, and global competitiveness in an ever-changing world.
  8. Organizational Development
    Dream Builders' team is experienced in evaluating company operation. Our organizational development service will help you achieve organizational change through actionable changes to your organization's processes and activities. Our consultants will recommend interventions unique to your organization that will enhance your performance.
  9. Coaching Certification
    This service will teach you the skills you need to become a Certified Executive or Certified Master Executive Coach. Our specialists will guide you through a series of sessions to develop you for the task and provide constructive feedback you as prepare to coach to others.
  10. Consulting and Business Solutions
    This service will provide integrated solutions for your organization through our consulting services. DBC will help you assess your company and develop a strategic plan that aligns with your goals. We will guide you in refocusing your organization's energies and resources with an emphasis creating sustainable change.
  11. Process Improvement
    The purpose of this service is to identify and improve your organization's business processes to maximize performance through process mapping, analysis, redesign, and implementation. We will support you in making progress in efficient communication, resource acquisition and process review.
  12. Performance Management
    Our performance management service will appraise your company's current planning, monitoring, controlling, and evaluation processes and provide managers and employees with solutions to improve their ability to meet your organization's objectives.


  1. Millennials in the Workplace
    The workplace has changed with the introduction of millenials. Participants will understand the importance of fostering creative spaces; practical steps for utilizing the confidence of millennial workers; and adaptive strategies for overcoming and learning from mistakes. If your corporation seeks to attract the millennial market, this workshop will be essential.
  2. From Divas to Dignified
    The purpose of this session is to allow participants to think about the importance of mindset shift, appearance, emotional maturity, and understanding personality styles. Why does your appearance matter so much? Why do your tone and language mean so much? This will assist young women with the transition from diva to dignified.
  3. Customer Service 101
    Our customer service training will teach your staff to give excellent customer service to internal and external customers so that they feel valued by your company. This training will allow the organizations to improve the level of service they provide to each other, other departments, and external contacts. This is customized to fit your needs.
  4. From Gs to Gents
    The purpose of this session is to allow participants to think about the importance of mindset shift, appearance, emotional maturity, and understanding personality styles. Why does your appearance matter so much? Why do your tone and language mean so much? This will assist young men with the transition from G to gent.
  5. Operation: Next Level
    This is an interactive session designed to support the everyday challenges of operating successful organizations. This training will also challenge staff members to gain a clearer understanding of what highly effective organizations do to maintain success. After this event, team members will understand the power of working with multiple people, personalities, trends and traits.
  6. Change: It's Simpler than You Think!
    Based on the book by Kevin Alston, this seminar will encourage and challenge each participant to think differently. It is designed to help you understand best practices to achieve success in the 21st century, expand your vision, and more. It will also assist you in understanding personality types and key strategies to successfully work with them.
  7. Better Together
    This is an interactive session that is designed to be the catalyst to empower participants to become more passionate and proficient in the area of teamwork. This action-packed session will focus on working with various personality types, trends and behaviors, and more. This session will propel participants to work better together.
  8. It Only Takes Everything You've Got!
    This keynote is designed to assist participants in identifying that THEY'VE GOT IT. The areas of focus are Leadership 101, Purpose, Time Management, and Responsibility. Incorporating these tools and strategies, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate this question: "Where do I go from here?" Answer: "Anywhere!"
  9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    This workshop will supply novice and seasoned leaders tools to enhance teamwork, effective communication, and best practices. It will also challenge participants in the areas of understanding a vision, components of efficient leadership skills, working with various personalities, and more. Your organization will be revived and your team will thrive toward success.